Date these rules were first published: 15 April 2019
Date these rules were last changed: 12 April 2019

Read these competition rules carefully. These competition rules (“rules”) explain your rights and duties under this competition. If you take part in this competition or accept any prize, these rules will apply to you and you agree that the person running the competition (“the promoter(s)”) can assume that you have read and agreed to be legally bound by these competition rules.

Competition Name:


Promoter(s) Name(s):

The promoter of this competition is FNB Business, a segment of First National Bank, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, with Reg. No. 1929/001225/06 (“FNB”).

In these rules, we refer to the above promoter(s) as “the promoter(s)” or “FNB”. We refer to participants and winners as “you”.

Entries open and close:

Entries open on Monday, 15 April 2019 at 08h00.

Entries close on Wednesday, 31 July 2019 at 23h59.

All entries, fully completed as required, must be received by the promoter(s) before 23h59 on the closing date.

The promoter(s) reserve the right to extend the competition. Notice of this will be posted on www.fnbbusinessinnovationawards.co.za.

Winners announced in:

October 2019

Mechanics of the competition and how to enter:

The promoter(s) are looking for the most innovative businesses of the year in each of the following 3 (three) categories:

  1. Businesses with an annual turnover of R 0 to R 4 999 999;
  2. Businesses with an annual turnover of R 5 000 000 and above; and
  3. Business with an annual turnover of R 10 000 000 and above.

You have to submit your entry online via www.fnbbusinessinnovationawards.co.za, using the online entry forms and online templates we make available. You must submit all the required information on time.

Eligibility: Who qualifies to take part?

This competition is open to all South African businesses (companies, close corporations, trusts, sole proprietors) who meet the criteria set out below:

Annual business turnover:

R 0 – R 4 999 999
Annual business turnover:

R 5 000 000 +
Annual business turnover:

R 10 000 000 +
Your business:
  • has been in operation for at least 2 years;
  • founder is actively involved in the day-to-day operational business activities;
  • is able to demonstrate its growth potential;
  • is innovative and has positively contributed to and impacted the community in which it operates; and
  • is a game changer that has revolutionised the way of doing business in the South African townships.
Your business:
  • founder is actively involved in day-to-day operational business activities;
  • consists of a team of 2 or more senior leaders;
  • has an impressive track record;
  • is 10X-able (chasing a big opportunity with an innovative offering and a ‘secret weapon’ / ‘magic formula’);
  • has a proven product-market fit;
  • has the potential to grow and become a market leader; and
  • contributes to the reduction of low-skill unemployment in South Africa.
Your business:
  • founder is actively involved in day-to-day operational business activities;
  • is unique and cannot easily be replicated (it is not a “me-too business”, such as a consultancy or agency);
  • owns the intellectual property in its products, business model or service offering;
  • has successfully raised the capital it needed to get to this point;
  • has the potential to grow and become a market leader with a business model that is repeatable in any country/region; and
  • is at a key inflection point in its growth trajectory.
*Please note that businesses with an annual turnover between
R 8 000 000 and
R 10 000 000, who own the intellectual property in its products, business model or service offering, will be reviewed on a case by case basis in this category.

Furthermore, the businesses need to be able to meet the following standards:

  • Development impact: exhibit high-growth potential and the capacity to add substantial economic value by creating a number of high-quality jobs.
  • Business innovation: demonstrate real innovation that has the potential to change the way an industry operates locally and/or internationally and is positively impacting the community(ies) in which it operates.
  • Fit with FNB and its selected business development suppliers namely, Balabala Gaba Group (Pty) Ltd, Edge Growth Accelerate (Pty) Ltd and Endeavor Insight (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter the “Business Development Suppliers”). The entrants must be interested in accepting advice and support from FNB and its Business Development Suppliers, as well as contributing to their networks if required.

Who cannot take part?

The following persons may not take part in this competition even if they qualify to take part. They will forfeit (give up) any prizes awarded to them:

  1. Any employee of the promoter(s) or its Business Development Suppliers.
  2. Any director, member, partner, agent or consultant of the promoter(s) or its Business Development Suppliers.
  3. Any other person who directly or indirectly controls the promoter(s) or its Business Development Suppliers.
  4. Any supplier of goods and services in connection with this competition.
  5. The spouse, life partner, siblings, children or parents of any of the persons named in a, b, c, or d, above.
  6. Any person whose accounts and credit agreements with FNB or FirstRand Bank Limited are not in good standing. This means that none of your FNB and/or FirstRand Bank Limited accounts and credit agreements should be overdrawn, or be in arrears, or be in default, or be subject to any legal process with FNB or FirstRand Bank Limited. “Legal process” means any legal proceedings in any court of law involving you and FNB or FirstRand Bank Limited, including but not limited to: collections, liquidation and sequestration proceedings. “Legal process” however excludes debt review as contemplated in Section 86 of the National Credit Act, 2005.
  7. Any finalist or winner that was selected by FNB during any FNB Business Innovation Awards competition held in previous years.

What is/are the prize(s)?

1 (one) prize, per category, will be awarded for this competition.

The prizes for each category is as follows:

Annual business turnover:

R 0 – R 4 999 999
Annual business turnover:

R 5 000 000 +
Annual business turnover:

R 10 000 000 +
  • Marketing and branding to the value of R150 000 (this includes production of branded elements, printed flyers and any elements that may need to be produced beyond design phase);
  • 24 months of mentorship from FNB Business;
  • e1 000 000 (eBucks) to be used towards the betterment of the business. Please note that you must be a member of the eBucks Rewards Programme at the time of winning the prize or register to become a member of the eBucks Rewards Programme within 30 (thirty) days of being notified of having won the prize. If you fail to become a member of the eBucks Rewards Programme within the 30 (thirty) day period, you will forfeit your prize. The prize will only be allocated to you once you have successfully been registered as a member of the eBucks Rewards Programme; and
  • Business cellphone package through FNB Connect; and
  • Coffee hour with 1 of FNB‘s EXCO members.
  • You will be given the opportunity to participate in the 2 year 10X Accelerator Programme, with a care ‘backbone’ of standard support, plus customised support agreed with you based on your priorities;
  • The 10X Accelerator Programme is designed to help you transition from a frenetic hustle - where founders have to be involved in every detail - to a scaled (still growing) company that runs well without the founder;
  • The winner’s senior management team will be equipped with the mindsets, tools, knowledge and practical help you need to 10X your business, all overlaid on a systematic, step-by-step process to build the foundations for scale, brick by brick; and
  • The prize includes the 10X Accelerator Programme costs.
  • The prize does not include travel and/or accommodation costs which will be for the winner’s account.
  • You will be given an opportunity to participate in the coveted 2 (two) day Endeavor International Selection Panel (ISP) during 2020. The ISP brings together high-impact entrepreneurs to have their businesses evaluated by world-class business leaders, and gives them the opportunity to become part of an exclusive global network;
  • The prize includes travel and accommodation for 2 (two) representatives of the winning business. Any additional representatives attending the ISP will be for the winner’s account.
  • Please note that spending money is not included in the prize and same will be for the winner’s account.

Is there a limit on the number of times you can enter?

Yes, only 1 (one) entry.

How will winner(s) be chosen?

All entries will go through a vetting and judging process to determine the winner.

There will be various phases of judging and the judging of each entry will be based on the “Eligibility” criteria set out above in these rules.

FNB’s Business Development Suppliers have each been allocated a category to conduct the initial phases of judging (including interviews and/or examining of entrant financials) and will submit a shortlist of entries (who receive unanimous votes during the initial judging phase) to FNB for evaluation. FNB accepts no responsibility or liability for the entry-filtering process and has no influence over the entry-filtering process and/or the choice of shortlisted entrants.

FNB will interview the shortlisted entrants and make the final decision as to the finalists and winner in each of the abovementioned 3 (three) categories of the competition.

More detail on the judging process can be found at

How will winner(s) names be announced?

Winners will be contacted by phone or email, and will be announced on

Winners will also be announced at the gala event on 3 October 2019, and this will be extended to social media, public relations and any other platform that FNB wishes to use.

Please note: Whilst prize winners may be asked to take part in publicity for the competition, prize winners have the right to refuse to do so.

Deadline for claiming prize(s):

Within 6 (six) months of the announcement of the winners at the gala event on 3 October 2019.

Questions about these rules:

E-mail the promoter(s) on innovationawards@fnb.co.za





  • We strongly recommend that you obtain independent professional advice regarding any tax implications arising from the receipt, transfer or spend of any prize(s), awards and eBucks rewards obtained in respect of this competition.
  • You are fully responsible for any tax implications arising from or associated with any receipt, transfer or spend of any prize(s), awards and eBucks rewards due to you for participating in this competition.
  • You agree that you will not hold the promoter(s) liable and you hereby fully indemnify the promoter(s) from and hold the promoter(s) completely harmless against, all damages, claims and fines made against you or the promoter(s) (including but not limited to all legal costs on an attorney-and-client scale), to the extent to which such damages, claims and fines arise out of or are connected to any taxation relating to your receipt, transfer or spend of any prize(s), awards and eBucks rewards or the charges in respect thereof.
  • If the promoter(s) are not able to get hold of you after making reasonable efforts to do so, or if you do not claim your prize(s) on time, you will lose your prize(s) and the judges may award it/them to someone else.
  • If you fail to comply with any part of these rules, you will be disqualified and you will give up (forfeit) any prize(s).
  • Unless the promoter(s) say otherwise, entry is restricted to 1 (one) entry per person and multiple entries will be disqualified.
  • Unless the promoter(s) say otherwise, you can only win a prize once.
  • Automated or bulk entries will be disqualified.
  • The prize(s) may not be sold or given to someone else.
  • The prize(s) cannot be swapped for cash or for a different prize.
  • You may not attempt to do anything to change the outcome of the competition in any way.
  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. This means that you cannot appeal any decision made by the judges.
  • The promoter(s) have the right to end this competition at any time. If this happens, you agree to waive (give up) any rights that you may have about this competition and you agree that you will have no rights against the promoter(s).
  • The promoter(s) reserve the right to change the rules of the competition. The promoter(s) can change the rules of the competition throughout the duration of the competition. For convenience only, the date on which these rules were last amended will be shown below the heading. It is your responsibility to check the rules for amendments.
  • The clauses in these rules are severable. This means that if any clause in these rules is found to be unlawful, it will be removed and the remaining clauses will still apply.
  • Where any dates or times need to be calculated in terms of these rules, the international standard time: GMT plus two hours will be used.
  • Whilst the promoter(s) may allow you extra time to comply with your obligations or may decide not to exercise some or all of their rights, or may waive certain requirements, the promoter(s) can still insist on the strict application of any or all of their rights at a later stage. You must not assume that this means that the rules have been changed or that they no longer apply to you.
  • You must send all legal notices to: FNB Legal, 3rd Floor, No. 1 First Place, Bank City, Cnr Simmonds and Pritchard Streets, Johannesburg, 2001.
  • This competition and its rules will be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa (regardless of where you live or work or where or how you enter).
  • These rules will be applied and interpreted by the promoter(s) and their decision regarding any disputes relating to the meaning and/or content of the rules will be final and binding.
  • The use and processing of personal information will be subject to FirstRand’s Privacy Policy.